What is Augmented Reality and how does ARGRAM work?
Augmented reality (AR) is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information. We use the ARGRAM application to detect the faces of our characters and download the related animations and custom messages so that your custom greeting characters GREETOYS portray your exact message. Refer to the 'How It Works' Section on the home page for a detailed tutorial.
What are GREETOYS made of?
It is made up of recyclable thickened cardboard material with an adhesive full color laminate that is made to last.
What is the difference between Gift Heads, Society, and Classic GREETOYS?

Gift Heads are GREETOYS by Minipeeps that have a gift already fulfilled in their head. Gifts range from jelly beans, candles, small cups, candles, etc…

Society are GREETOYS by Minipeeps that represent societal stereotype characters found in the community of the country Minipeeps is operating in.

Classics are GREETOYS by Minipeeps that represent the mainstream categories of greeting cards from birthdays, congratulations, always yours, etc..

If I send a message and receive it to check it out, can the person still receive and view the message?
Yes, everyone who scans the receive barcode can download the content of the message and view it on the character. If you send a message and receive it from the same Phone, the message is not locked and can be changed again. Once the message is viewed from a different Phone the message is locked and can only be changed if an in-APP Package is unlocked.
Can I send multiple messages?
Yes, with the new update of ARGRAM released in 18/01/2020 you can enable multiple messages from inside the app as an in-APP Purchase.
Would it stand on my desk or in my room without issues?
Yes, Minipeeps characters are made to be displayed and are stable enough to stand without support.
What else can I do with Minipeeps characters?
Aside from displaying them, they can be used to store things in their head or hide things in their torso (turn it into a coin safe, pen holder, or tissue dispenser or anything else really). They can act as a package for your small gift as well like a necklace or any small item.
When do you release new characters?
We release new characters every 3 to 4 months. We also release characters on seasonal occasions like Christmas, Easter, Valentines and other occasions so stay on the lookout for our newest characters.